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                     Lithium diisopropylamide
                     Lithium Hexamethyldisilazide


              Lithium Hexamethyldisilazide

              【Product name】:Lithium Hexamethyldisilazide LiHMDS

              【CAS No.】:4039-32-1

              【Molecular formula】: C6H18LiNSi2

              【Appearance】: Light yellow or reddish brown liquid

              【Product indexes】:
              Content 1.0~1.6mol/L
              Solvent: tetrahydrofuran and hexane mixed solvents, if there are other solvents or concentration requirements, can also be customized.

              【Packing and transportation】:500ml, 1000ml alkyl lithium special glass bottles, 50kg steel bottled, 400kg steel bottled, or according to customer requirements specifications packaging.